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Frequently Asked Questions for Diners: 

What is Inlander Restaurant Week?

Inlander Restaurant Week is your opportunity to try as many restaurants as your schedule will allow – for affordable, fixed prices. If there’s a spot you’ve always wanted to try, Inlander Restaurant Week is your chance to dine there while knowing exactly what you’ll be spending.

When is Inlander Restaurant Week?

Inlander Restaurant Week is held once a year, starting in late February. In 2014, Inlander Restaurant Week will be held February 21-March 2.

Why do restaurants participate in Inlander Restaurant Week?

Inlander Restaurant Week offers restaurants the opportunity to introduce themselves to both locals and visitors who may have never dined there... Chefs can showcase what they do best…at the best prices for customers. Restaurants hope you’ll come back once you taste their delicious dishes!

What is a prix fixe menu?

A prix fixe menu is simply a “fixed price” menu of a certain number of items – usually an appetizer, main course and dessert. During Restaurant Week, diners can choose a meal created specifically for Restaurant Week, at a fixed price.

Do I need to make reservations?

We strongly recommended making reservations. Tables fill up fast during Inlander Restaurant Week, and making reservations is an easy way to avoid disappointment and long waits.

How much will it cost to dine out during Inlander Restaurant Week?

Restaurants have a choice to develop a multi-course menu at either $18 per person or $28 per person. Restaurants will not offer both pricing options at their establishments. Check the Inlander Restaurant Week website listings for restaurant pricing information.

Can I make to-go orders?

No. Inlander Restaurant Week menus are available for dine-in customers only.

What if only some in my party are interested in the special Inlander Restaurant Week menu?

All participating restaurants will have their full menu available as well.

Are there any additional costs I should be aware of when dining out during Inlander Restaurant Week?

Please keep in mind that beverages (unless otherwise posted), tax and gratuity are not included in the special menu pricing. There may be some restaurants that do offer an included beverage. Consult individual menus for specifics. Gratuity, however, is never included and the wait staff works very hard this week. Please tip generously!

Where do I make reservations?

Reservations can be made at each individual restaurant. Remember, some restaurants may not take reservations. If the restaurant has partnered with Open Table, you may be able to make reservations through Open Table or on the Inlander Restaurant Week website.


FAQs for Restaurants: 

Does my restaurant have to participate for the entire length of Inlander Restaurant Week? 

Yes. All participating restaurants are required to participate for the full 10 days.

I am a chain restaurant. Does each unit in the chain have to
register separately if they want to participate?

Yes. All restaurants receive identical benefits so each participating restaurant has to register individually.

How will Spokane Restaurant Week be promoted?

All registration fees will be used for marketing.

    • Print and online advertising in The Inlander, including a special Inlander Restaurant Week
      pullout section on February 20
    • Online advertising on and
    • Coverage in Visit Spokane’s Visitor E-news
    • Television, Radio and online advertising campaign from the end of January through early March on multiple broadcast stations.
    • Exposure through a dedicated Inlander Restaurant Week website will list all participating restaurants and their full menus.
    • 52,000-plus special pullout sections listing all participating restaurants, phone numbers and addresses will be inserted into the Inlander on the week of February 20th.
    • 12,000-plus copies of that same pullout section will be distributed to participating restaurants, visitor information centers and other retail locations around Spokane prior to being inserted in the Inlander .

Posters will be distributed to participating restaurants and will be displayed in various locations throughout the Inland NWA public relations campaign before, during and after event includes: pre-event publicity; event messaging regarding pricing dining options; community value of event. Possible traditional media publicity, as well as social media publicity, deliver added value to participants.

What is the deadline to participate in Inlander Restaurant Week?

December 31, 2013.

How do I register my restaurant for Inlander Restaurant Week?

Please contact Raevyn West at the Inlander ( or 509-325-0634, xt. 222).

Do I have to offer a multi-course dinner for $18 per person
or $28 per person?

Yes. Each restaurant determines its special multi-course menu and determines whether to price its offering at $18 per person or $28 per person. Restaurants will not be allowed to offer both price points.

Can I include liquor in the fixed price?

Yes, to attract diners, restaurants can include beer, wine, cocktails or any other beverage in the multi-course fixed price or a restaurant can offer discounted cocktails or wine as an additional way to grow the guest check.

Can I offer “upgrades” to the fixed price menu for more money?

Yes. Several restaurants offered a fixed price multi-course meal for $18 or $28 with special add-ons at additional costs. That is, you could offer the basic option for $18 or $28 and then, tableside, offer the customer the option to add shrimp for $4 or lobster for $8, for example.

Does my restaurant have to offer three appetizers or starters, three
entrees and three desserts to choose from?

Yes, we expect all restaurants to follow the guidelines agreed to when registering for Inlander Restaurant Week.

When will my restaurant be listed on the website?

Your restaurant will be listed as soon as you register online, make your payment and complete the online form.